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Are you a committed Real Estate Agent searching for a competitive edge in the market?

Look no further! At BuyIt Properties, we are dedicated to your success.

Our BuyIt Advantage Membership offers invaluable benefits to Agents. We supply them with new property listings and help them find properties for their buyers, all at a reasonable monthly fee.


Agencies can subscribe for $249 per month below.



Agents can subscribe for $99 per month below.

No more chasing property listings - we've got you covered!

Our exclusive New Property Listings are at your disposal, saving you time and effort while ensuring a constant flow of listings to sell.

Bid farewell to geographical limitations!

Sell properties nationwide, catering to a broad range of buyers, especially enthusiastic investors. Your opportunities are boundless, just like your potential earnings.

We're your partners from the initial showcase to finalising contracts. Our support guarantees a smooth journey for both you and your buyers.

Earning commissions is a breeze: with our 70/30 commission split, you can earn an average of $21,000. Additionally, we offer a 50/50 sharing arrangement for leads we provide or manage, maximising your income.

Discover the 6 Steps to Success with BuyIt Advantage Membership

1. Three Straightforward options to get started
  • Showcase our property listings.
  • Collaborate with buyers, selling our property listings.
  • Let us introduce you to promising buyers for our properties, or sell your existing property to a buyer we refer to you. Your success is our prioritiy.
2. Expression of Interest Form
  • Secure properties for your clients with a no-pressure evaluation ensuring a comprehensive assessment.
3. Contract Finalisation
  • We aid in solidifying agreements to facilitate the completion of your clients purchase.
4. Unlock Property Success
  • Streamline the process for a successful property sale, offering end-to-end support for Completed, Under-Construction, or Off-the-Plan properties.
5. Commission Made Simple
  • A transparent and efficient process, ensuring timely payments within 7 days.
6. Beyond Success
  • We are committed to guiding you through your journey, with your satisfaction as our top priority.

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Join BuyIt Properties today and take your real estate career to new heights like never before!

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BuyIt Advantage Membership


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